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Happy National Shapewear Day! Flaunt your Confidence!

We are a community of 2 million strong women who wear shapewear, and this is a call to wear it out, loud and proud on August 10th, National Shapewear Day! Here at Shape Wear, we believe that wearing shapewear is a body-positive, self-loving, statement of empowerment. What it says about the woman wearing it is she’s confident, wants to look good for herself, is not afraid to wear whatever she likes, and is not ashamed of her body.

As women, our bodies go through many changes over a lifetime. Weight loss and gain, pregnancy, aging, menopause, postpartum--there are many cycles of life where shapewear might be a welcome addition to your wardrobe to add a little smoothness and support.

Our pledge for National Shapewear Day is to continue changing the conversation around shapewear. We love showing women that wearing it is more about accepting and celebrating their bodies than hiding them. So how about we stop hiding our shapewear as well?

This next Wednesday join us in the celebration by wearing our shapewear LOUD and PROUD - as outerwear. Plus, share your Outfit of the Day on social media and tag us for the chance to get some swag! We’ll be on the lookout for our faves :wink:

Don’t really know how to wear shapewear as outerwear without looking totally crazy? No need to worry! Here are just some styles we carry at Shape Wear - no one will be able to tell the difference.

Check out these styles we already picked out to flaunt (which are up to 50% OFF all week BY THE WAY!)

  • Aug 08, 2019
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